The middle of October. Something came to my mind. Correcting the course.

Didn’t write here for a whole half of a month! Wow! Had different things learnt and experienced. Actually cuz of working to hard (unfortunately what didn’t bring to a great results) had my eyes so much tired and even felt pain and had to slow down working to recover.  Have read tons of information about Merch by Amazon and Teepublic and Zazzle and so on. 

Going to say that this month going to correct my course. I understood for myself  that all PODs really made for different purposes and also there is no point to use them exactly the same way.

I learned that Teepublic (TP) mostly sells first day-two because your shirts hang in «new» products. Also I realized that there an audience is groups of fans of some specific niches and they need not text designs but some really cool art mostly. So there are plenty cool graphic designs that way more complex then mine since i’m not professional designer. But at the same time I have sold 17 products in all and in profit on $51 what is not really much and probably doesn’t worth the efforts compare to Merch By Amazon for example. One bad thing about Teepublic — I can’t change tags in my profile at all! And the support just don’t answer to me. But at least I got my first money from TP — on my Paypal I got $20 for the September!) It’s nice)


Zazzle (ZZ). Zazzle-Zazzle… Actually I don’t get alone with ZZ. It was so time consuming to upload designs and put tags and so on. ZZ several times deleted my designs and recently I saw decreases orders after couple weeks of pending. I’m really mad with ZZ.  Also what is really sad for me — I almost don’t see any views on my designs! Seems like I’m too bad with keywords on ZZ. Well I think I am. My correction for today —  don’t think it’s worth it to upload myself designs to ZZ now. And this really annoying 60% Off or something like this that I get everyday from ZZ to my mail… 


Redbubble still is really good for me. Haven’t make much but at least I see that people check my designs (I see amount of views under every design) and it’s not so much time consuming to upload a design on it. Going to continue Redbubble.


Merch By Amazon (MBA). Since I tiered up to 100 slots MBA became my prior. Well so far have filled all 100 slots and already substituted few to a new ones.  MBA now is the best POD I have seen. Organic traffic here is huge! Definitely it must be the prior.  Rumor has it this will not be like this for long…


Teespring (TS) has also generated me some organic sales. And the royalty is much higher then from TP and Redbubble. Generally if you tag right your shirts and price somewhere from $23 per t-shirt when TS sell your item they get from you $4 per order so if the tee price is $23 and profit per item about $9 you will get $5. The good thing is that there are Hoodies that profit you for $11+ and people can purchase more then one t-shirt at ones and you will make more.


Alright. For now things went too slow. Contemplating about this I can say that from now I will focus mostly on Merch by Amazon, Teespring, Redbubble and Teepublic accordingly.
The good realization of mine is that now I look for trends and when I find one and make a tee I upload it all the PODs and it seems like almost always at least one platform generate sales!
Also since I touched a tiny piece of real power of MBA and had my best numbers per week I’m going to concentrate all my efforts on MBA when I tier up higher.

Lets go to check my number for today.

Going to change a bit the tables I make to show my numbers. Apparently will include Monthly Tables and the Total tables. Also going to exclude PODs that I don’t use currently or not going to use anymore. Instead will add summarize of the date for these PODs.

SEPTEMBER Monthly report.

 2   TOTAL PROFIT  $284

Table 1. Total spend, revenue and profit made from September 1 to October 15-th 2016.


Designs uploaded from by OCTOBER 15 from September 1.

 5  Other PODs  30

Table 2. Total uploaded designs and amount of designs uploaded to each POD platform on October 15-th 2016.

Sales and Profit.

 1  TEESPRING  30   $170
 3  TEEPUBLIC   17   $51
 4  REDBUBBLE    9   $41
 5  Other PODs   9

Table 3. Total Profit and profit made from each POD platform on September 29-th 2016.


Total spend, revenue and profit from September 1. All spend is $60.

 1   TOTAL SPEND    $60

Table 4. Total spend, revenue and profit made from September 1 to October 15-th 2016.

Today my total is $606 what is about 0,6% from my goal. Too slow. But I make corrections and going to take off.


My thought on this juncture.

Several more days past. Worked many hours but it goes too slow. Anyways I do follow what my strategy. Going to go faster!
Today I realize that I do things more like as a professional then a business man. Business man would create a strategy to hire people and to try to make more business for the shorter time. Now I do all the things myself and because I try to load designs to a few platforms I spend a long time on one design. Now I think to correct a bit my strategy and priory platform that are more important for my opinion regarding prospects of making sales. I still need to test more all the platform to get more stats. In the beginning my plan was to load 100 designs to every platform I want to test so in a month I would see the difference and would be able to decide which to chose to invest more time to. Hope I will do it at least to the end of October, because now i understand that things go too slow for me. Well, there is also something I see as a real deal that can be done by me at it’s time. I understand that I will meet (create) a designs that will work great and I will test then with paid ads so I will be able to make really huge amount of money at a shirt time. So I go on.



 5  ZAZZLE  19 (5 stores)
 7  SOCIETY6  1

Table 1. Total uploaded designs and amount of designs uploaded to each POD platform on September 29-th 2016.

Sales and Profit.

 1  TEESPRING  19   $100
 3  TEEPUBLIC   8   $20
 4  REDBUBBLE    7   $33
 5  ZAZZLE   9
 6  DESIGN BY HUMANS   1   $3
 7  SOCIETY6   0   $0
 8  VIRALSTYLE    1    $8

Table 2. Total Profit and profit made from each POD platform on September 29-th 2016.

Total spend, revenue and profit. New spend — tested a design, Facebook ads — $15. All the previous spend was $45, so now it’s $45+$15=$60

 1   TOTAL SPEND    $60

Table 3. Total spend, revenue and profit made from September 1 to September 29-th 2016.

So, for today my total is $284 what is about 0,28% from my goal. I’m still far less then at 1% of my goal!). And I have to say some more — I won’t even be able to get paid by this money! The reasons are — some platform demand that payout must be over $20 or even $50. And Amazon pay only in the end of the next month for the previous month… So you see. Anyways! i will go through!


Some news for today. 
Was looking for POD where would be able to sell socks and found it on VIRALSTYLE ( ). Well, it’s far away from a perfect platform where is possible to sell socks, because here you can sell only mens sock of white color and M and L sizes, but it’s at least something. I made easy design and sent to my email lists the campaign and had 1 sale! Wow! First sold socks in my life!) 
Wanna show you this:


Viralstyle is really good platform! Great analytics and many different products to choose. But I don’t think there will be organic traffic. 

 And here is my Zazzle dashboard with my $29.60 .Well, i sold just one hot politic design! So now it’s not as much trendy and there is almost no activity around my politic designs. And what is really strange to me — there is no sales on other «evergreen» designs! That is really frustrating for me, I have to say there are almost no views of my products. Zazzle need special keywords picking and social network sharing! Anyways, I have just a few designs uploaded to it, because it is the most inconvenient platform from all I use.

zzLets go on!

And lets go back to MERCH BY AMAZON, I love this platform as much as TEESPRING!
az-7-daysSecond day in my life have had 12 sales per 7 days! I know it’s just 12 sales, but now for me its really cool!
Look what I have for 29 days of September.


I would say not bad (only because I want to motivate myself for more;), but the 30% tax will cut off the money you see here, because my mistake of not adding TIN number right when I filled W8 form. Starting from October it will be fixed, I figure.

Wow! I had one sale on DESIGNBYHUMANS!)

Redbubble looks really good for me now! At least there are some real organic sales!

And for the last news I’m going to tell a few words about TEEPUBLIC. It just stopped sell any of my designs! Seems like the reason is that they have discount price for the firs 2 days — $14 and then it rises to $20. So probably audiences there mostly go after cheap shirt and that makes sense to me. At least now). 

Alright. The only one thing want to tell you all guys and me from the future reading it proudly because of the results I will get: I WILL GO ON AND WILL GET THERE! Whatever obstacles I will meet! I will breakthrough!

I explored my Point A in the previous post and today my next report about the results I am at now. Actually have to admit this time I decided to try to use one more platfor name SOCIETY6 ( I decided it because I have heard something of and because I have some designs that are in trend now, there is a case they will be looked for, so probably if I upload them to as many platform as possible I will catch more organic sales. From now there will be 7 platforms. Okay. Lets reveal what I have now! I call it the Point A1.



 1  TEESPRING  12 
 2  AMAZON  33
 5  ZAZZLE  15 (6 stores)
 7  SOCIETY6  1

Table 1. Total uploaded designs and amount of designs uploaded to each POD platform on September 23-th 2016.

Sales and Profit.

 1  TEESPRING  14   $80
 3  TEEPUBLIC   8   $20
 4  REDBUBBLE    2   $7
 5  ZAZZLE   1
 6  DESIGN BY HUMANS   0   $0
 7  SOCIETY6   0   $0

Table 2. Total Profit and profit made from each POD platform on September 23-th 2016.

Total spend, revenue and profit. And couple days ago I ordered 5 new designs what cost me $45.


Table 3. Total spend, revenue and profit made from September 1 to September 23-th 2016.

So, for today my total is $193 what is about 0,19% from my goal. I go on.


The Process.

     Loaded just a few more designs, I know I do it too slow. Had my Birthday and was busy visiting my relatives.

Had a good day for pushing campaign on Teespring. I have kind of trendy design, so I decided to force promotion on social networks. It went well — made + 11 sales in one day.


     Zazzle just showed me that it can work well! I didn’t even expect.  This platform so much seturated but when you have somehting trendy and you make really good keywords it works without your participation. Thats good.


     Merch by amazon — still is the best platform for catching organic sales. Royalty I picked for my shirts isn’t high to be able to compite. But sales go slowly. This is my very first task for now — load all 100 slots to expect more sales. For this week have 9 sale what is good for me.


And here you can see all my sales per 23 days of September.


    And another thing — amazon sent me money for August. And because I didn’t wrote my TIN number I had tax of 30% what is crazy! Good for me I didn’t make much, so I don’t regret to much — I lost about $18.


Well, now that is it. Not much things done, going to get back to my work now!

And another thing — I know my site is really ugly now, there is not to much option for convenient watching my progress and so on, but this is what I can do for now! I want to hire someone who can help me to adjust everything, but will do it later. Thank you for your patience!





Here I will show you 2 tables in which I will put the actual date about my business results. Will try to update them a few times per week. 

Alright, guys! Now let me reveal my Point A (my current position). All these date shows the results starting from September 1 2016. Some of platforms I have been using for just couple days, so it’s too early to get statistic from this date.



 1  TEESPRING  12 
 2  AMAZON  30 (+5 stuck in reviewing)
 4  REDBUBBLE  9 (+16 on previous killed account)
 5  ZAZZLE  13 (+3 were shut down)
 6  DESIGNBYHUMANS  2 (+1 was shut down)

Table 1. Amount of designs uploaded to each POD platform on September 20-th 2016.

Sales and Profit.

 1 TEESPRING  3   $9
 2 MERCH BY AMAZON  17 (+1 cancelation)   $90
 3 TEEPUBLIC   8   $20
 4 REDBUBBLE    2   $7
 5 ZAZZLE   1 (+1 cancelation)   $1
 6 DESIGN BY HUMANS   0   $0
 31   $127

Table 2. Total Profit and profit made from each POD platform on September 20-th 2016.

Total spend, revenue and profit. And couple days ago I ordered 5 new designs what cost me $45.


Table 3. Total spend, revenue and profit made from September 1 to September 20-th 2016.

Alright. What do I have: $81 is about 0,08% of my goal sum. Well, not much yet) And the only thing I want to say — I will break through and will get there!

     First of all — about my approach of selling products. As you understood from the title of my first post I now try to make sales without using paid advertising. This is what is organic traffic about. Indeed there are some things I will do to generate extra traffic to my sales pages, but I will mostly go for free traffic. By free I mean that I will be making some promoting myself and invest my time to it but not money.

   So thats whyThere are 6 POD platform at this moment I put my designs in to catch organic sales. 3 of them are totally new for me, Zazzle I tried several months before and forgot about, Merch by amazon I started in August 2016 and Teesping is what I have been testing for a few months so far.

  1. Teespring (
  2. Merch by amazon (
  3. Teepublic (
  4. Redbubble (
  5. Zazzle (
  6. Designbyhumans (

Now shortly my opinion about each one separately.

1Teespring ( is the platform I love the most. I have been using it for almost 9 months. You can use this platform for generating organic sales by putting tags for every t-shirt you post. I have now there about 250 designs (in all about 400 campaigns — some doubled for US and EU) and they geenerate me some organic sales. But  I will show only designs I post from September 2016.



This is how dashboard in Teespring looks like.  As you see I have one sale for today and profit is $12

2. Merch by amazon ( is the best platform for getting organic traffic to your sales pages. To get the account you have to be approved by invitation system, so if you haven’t sent a request I would suggest to do it right now, cuz it takes 2-6 months to be approved. After being approved you will have just 25 slots for your designs and at the moment you sell 25 items you will be allowed to load 75 more designs to 100. Then you will be tiering up to 500, 1000 and so on.  I read groups on facebook and have to tell you, some people make really decent money from it. Mostly it’s all about trend shirts.


This is how Merch by amazon dashboard looks like, it shows 7 days sales.

3. Teepublic ( is the one I’ve been using for just 8 days. So far I like it really! Have a few sales! Even though royalty per sale isn’t high there’s really good side of this platform — the fastest uploading and adjusting designs. So you can load many designs easy and  quickly.



This is how Teepublic dashboard looks like, you see my sales and profit for 8 days.

4.  Redbubble ( is really nice platform from the side of convenience of uploading and adjusting designs, but there are some other sides. I had had my account for a week or something, had 16 uploaded designs and also had one sale there. One morning I just couldn’t log in to the site! It turned out that they just deleted my account and thats it! The reason? I dunno! They didn’t answer to me so far. I fugure it was because I used keywords that were trademarked. Anyways, already a few days have my new account!


This is how Redbubble dashboard looks like.

5.  Zazzle ( — is the oldest POD platform I guess. Maybe because of it it’s so hard to deal with to me. It take so much time to load design and to make necessary adjustments. But I know people who make some money on it. My things with zazzle don’t go well though.

zzThis is how Zazzle dashboard looks like. Royalty I picked was’t great as you see from my one sale)

6. Designbyhumans ( have not much info about this platform, just want to test it. Loaded my first design 2 days ago and so far have just 2 designs there.


This is how Designbyhumans dash.

Alright. These all just the surface information about these platforms. I chose them because I know real people who make money from each (except the last one) and I want to test them myself! 

Alright, next post will contain my Point A for the current moment.