7 Print on Dement (POD) Platforms I use to catch organic sales.

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7 Print on Dement (POD) Platforms I use to catch organic sales.


     First of all — about my approach of selling products. As you understood from the title of my first post I now try to make sales without using paid advertising. This is what is organic traffic about. Indeed there are some things I will do to generate extra traffic to my sales pages, but I will mostly go for free traffic. By free I mean that I will be making some promoting myself and invest my time to it but not money.

   So thats whyThere are 6 POD platform at this moment I put my designs in to catch organic sales. 3 of them are totally new for me, Zazzle I tried several months before and forgot about, Merch by amazon I started in August 2016 and Teesping is what I have been testing for a few months so far.

  1. Teespring (teespring.com)
  2. Merch by amazon (merch.amazon.com)
  3. Teepublic (teepublic.com)
  4. Redbubble (redbubble.com)
  5. Zazzle (zazzle.com)
  6. Designbyhumans (designbyhumans.com)

Now shortly my opinion about each one separately.

1Teespring (teespring.com) is the platform I love the most. I have been using it for almost 9 months. You can use this platform for generating organic sales by putting tags for every t-shirt you post. I have now there about 250 designs (in all about 400 campaigns — some doubled for US and EU) and they geenerate me some organic sales. But  I will show only designs I post from September 2016.



This is how dashboard in Teespring looks like.  As you see I have one sale for today and profit is $12

2. Merch by amazon (merch.amazon.com) is the best platform for getting organic traffic to your sales pages. To get the account you have to be approved by invitation system, so if you haven’t sent a request I would suggest to do it right now, cuz it takes 2-6 months to be approved. After being approved you will have just 25 slots for your designs and at the moment you sell 25 items you will be allowed to load 75 more designs to 100. Then you will be tiering up to 500, 1000 and so on.  I read groups on facebook and have to tell you, some people make really decent money from it. Mostly it’s all about trend shirts.


This is how Merch by amazon dashboard looks like, it shows 7 days sales.

3. Teepublic (teepublic.com) is the one I’ve been using for just 8 days. So far I like it really! Have a few sales! Even though royalty per sale isn’t high there’s really good side of this platform — the fastest uploading and adjusting designs. So you can load many designs easy and  quickly.



This is how Teepublic dashboard looks like, you see my sales and profit for 8 days.

4.  Redbubble (redbubble.com) is really nice platform from the side of convenience of uploading and adjusting designs, but there are some other sides. I had had my account for a week or something, had 16 uploaded designs and also had one sale there. One morning I just couldn’t log in to the site! It turned out that they just deleted my account and thats it! The reason? I dunno! They didn’t answer to me so far. I fugure it was because I used keywords that were trademarked. Anyways, already a few days have my new account!


This is how Redbubble dashboard looks like.

5.  Zazzle (zazzle.com) — is the oldest POD platform I guess. Maybe because of it it’s so hard to deal with to me. It take so much time to load design and to make necessary adjustments. But I know people who make some money on it. My things with zazzle don’t go well though.

zzThis is how Zazzle dashboard looks like. Royalty I picked was’t great as you see from my one sale)

6. Designbyhumans (designbyhumans.com) have not much info about this platform, just want to test it. Loaded my first design 2 days ago and so far have just 2 designs there.


This is how Designbyhumans dash.

Alright. These all just the surface information about these platforms. I chose them because I know real people who make money from each (except the last one) and I want to test them myself! 

Alright, next post will contain my Point A for the current moment.