Hello, guys! My name is Alex. Today I’m finally writing first line of my blog. I’m here to show the way I chose to make money online and my purpose is to make $100.000 profit for the Q4 of 2016.

     The approach I chose.   
The approach I want to share and learn with you is to use PRINT ON DEMENT (POD) platforms to sell your print designs on different products like t-shirts, hoodies, mugs and other. Designs you can make yourself or order from professional designers, I do both.

     There are to many things I want to share with you, guys, I will, but be patient, it takes time as to learn things and collect as to share them. I will do it gradually.

      For the beginning I would like to tell my thoughts of reaching any success: the main thing is to understand where you are at the moment and where you want to come to in time, exact time you see.  As one really important for our legacy general said: «There are only two questions — where I’m right now and where I should step». So my task is to clearly find out both points.

     Point A and Point B.

      Alright. Point A is my current position of things, Point B is the position of things that I crave to have as my current, lets say it includes the fact of my dreams to come true. Some of my dreams, I’m trying to be optimist and at the same time realist.

     A bit biography of mine.

       And a bit biography about me. Will be as critical as I can about myself.  In 2 days I will become 28. Have had different times in life. Several years was studying in university, has Phd. degree. But all my knowledge couldn’t be paid as good as would be enough even to make living. I tried many different jobs, and so far almost a year have been working online on different projects after the moment the I decided to get rid of my day-job that was a hate job where I  made just as enough money to pay off the bills for living in a small room in a rental apartment… I didn’t made as much money to brag it lets say that time I was learning things, testing and looking for opportunities. And now I just from the first days of September I found out the plan for myself to make money and created my own strategy. I’m committed now to do my best to get where i want to be. And the good point for you is the fact that I just started and you can start with me! I’m committed to strictly follow my strategy till February 1 whatever I will be getting as a result! And by the way, February doesn’t count as a Q4 month, but from the last year I can tell that in this month you still can sell a lot!

   My huge Plan.

     So, lets begin my story! Today is September 19-th and the deadline for me to test my long-way strategy of making business is February 1. My plan is to make $100.000. And for this I have 4 months and 11 days what is solid 134 days. Let’s make decomposition $100.000/134=$746 Wow! This amount of money I haven’t done monthly last 3 months! Well, we will see what I will make for this to happen!

     Making the money I want will give me an opportunity to help my mom and dad to live a better life and I will be able to help my brothers to start some business or projects they want to work on! I want to be able to support my family and be able to live the life I want!

     And as almost all coaches of getting success teach — I will show you my vision of the rewarding I will get from my efforts by the February 1 2017.

bmw-5-series-gt-by-trussardi-124This is BMW 5 series of 2016 year. It costs here something like $65.000 and I do my best to get there to make by February 1 2017 the money that will allow me easily buy this tough car and still have plenty of money to live comfort life I wish and plan new things! THIS IS MY POINT B. Wish me good luck!